Increase reach, engagement and sales.
Automate Instagram with ChatPlace
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Boost Your Instagram
ChatPlace knows how to assign points for reactions, comments or account tags, and then puts all participants on a separate page.

This makes it easy to run contests and get the most engagement from your Instagram audience.

It is important. The higher the activity, the more Instagram users your posts are shown to.
Increase your sales
Automate support
Automate helpdesk responses to increase customer satisfaction and save time for your employees.

Automatically answer frequently asked questions and notify your employees when they need to connect to a live chat with a client.
Set up an auto-reply to any activity on Instagram:
Automate your actions
Or give out useful materials only after subscribing to an Instagram account. ChatPlace will check it out.
Like mark
Comment to the publication
Share post
Question in Direct
Increase the number of views of promo posts
Engage users in a dialogue
Qualify leads
Automatically answer frequently asked questions
Send a promo code for a discount
Accept payments directly in the chat
Increase activity
and number of users
ChatPlace can assign points for reactions, comments, or account tags. Reward the most active with valuable prizes.
Set the scoring rules. We will make sure that they are not violated.
Create competition between game participants with a unique leaderboard, individual for each account.
Points for activity
Scoring Rules
Table of participants
Promote selected content
Choose publications on which you want to increase the activity of the audience.

Everything is simple. The higher the activity, the more subscribers your publications are shown.
+3 points
+3 points
Give your customers and subscribers a unique referral code.
Your customers can refer their friends to your Instagram and earn points for doing so
Referral code
Reward with points
Earn gamification points for every user you refer.
Bonuses for the best
Award additional prizes to users who invite more friends.
Referral program
ChatPlace will respond to comments that contain a keyword or consist of selected phrases.
No need to pay for each check, the function is in every tariff.
Flexible setup
Imitation of live communication
ChatPlace can choose a response from a list of prepared responses, simulating a live chat.
Comment automation
Convenient script builder for automation
The most simple editor for setting up automatic sending of messages depending on different conditions. Without programming and technical skills.
Sales management
ChatPlace allows you to store information about your subscribers with phone numbers and email. Data is collected automatically using simple questions in the correspondence.

As a result, all your clients are collected in one place and distributed by cards. A flexible kanban board with convenient filters will help you work effectively with each client.
Live chat
Integrations with payment systems
CRM system
CRM system
Automatic messages are sometimes insufficient, and a live dialogue is necessary. On ChatPlace, you can connect an unlimited number of operators and personally communicate with your subscribers or customers.
Live chat
Integrate the Stripe, PayPal, or Shopify payment systems and raise money from your customers directly via chat.
Integration with payment systems
Integrations with payment systems
Live chat
Automate the issuance of useful materials for a subscription to your account.
No need to pay for each check, the function is in every tariff.
No extra spending
Automatic check
ChatPlace will automatically check the subscription condition and send the user what you promised.
Subscription check
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